Our services

The Reinhard Hornung Spedition GmbH is a nationally, internationally and worldwide operating forwarder, specialized in:


- Weapons, ammunition, firework and explosives
- Heavy and oversized cargo
- Hazardous cargo (incl. class 1)
- Groupage container for receiver
- Coordination and monitoring of international special transports or move of sensitive goods

Transit / transfer permits

In accordance with the law for weapons (WaffG) in general and those in conjunction with forbidden item (together with exemption permit of BKA), with the law for explosives (SprengG) and with the law for the control of military items (KWKG).

Customs handling

- Application for the export customs clearance of not restricted goods
- Application for export customs clearance in relation to law of handling of waste
- Port customs clearance in Hamburg (HDS) and Bremerhaven (BHT)
- Import customs clearance in Hamburg for free circulation to not restricted cargo and restricted cargo (VuB goods)
- Transit customs clearance for move in bond (T-1 / NCTS)


In matters of national and international transports in particular of hazardous goods, weapons and ammunitions.

to handle all above we hold

Special permits / certificates

- Certificate to be approved in transport of weapons and ammunitions
- Exceptional permit of the BKA for the handling of forbidden items as per §40 WaffG
- Permit to handle all kind of explosives as per SprenG

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