Reinhard Hornung Spedition GmbH

We are a small but mighty logistics company operating international and worldwide with the special focus on moves of hazardous cargo (including class 1) and of weapons.

In our team we combine expertise of various fields of interest. We have over 10 years of experience in operating safe and secured transports as well as related services like transit permits, customs application etc. .

We hold all necessary licenses and draw on our extensive international contacts. It is our aim to act in a way that we establish and maintain long lasting relationships offering a service you may find hard to get anywhere else.

On the following pages please find our „specials“ and information on what we need from you if you intend to make use of our services.

Feel free to contact us

Give us a call: ✆ +49 40 / 280 5578 00 · After office hours: ✆ +49 173 / 633 05 69 · Or send us an E-Mail: ✉ E-Mail